Bad Pitches


Bad Pitches is a free live game show where participants pitch ideas for horrible television shows to a panel of studio executives who give notes on how to make their pitches even worse.

I co-created the show with Ned Ehrbar (who does all the heavy and light lifting) in April 2017, and ever since we’ve had Emmy winners and nominees, comedians and writers of every stripe, really great audience members who give their own notes to our pitchers, and shows that have actually gotten greenlit by major studios that sounded a lot like the shows from the show.

After our initial run of standing room only shows at the now-shuttered Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village, we have moved our shows to Crystal Lake Brooklyn, which isn’t such a crazy commute from the city. If the L train is running.

Next SHOW:

Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby - May 17, 2019 - Crystal Lake Brooklyn

An episode where the theme of all the pitched television shows is the fantasy genre. Things are going to be horrible and have a lot of Game of Thrones references, which I will understand none of them.

Admission is free.