Water Conservation Company


A water conservation company in Los Angeles had a problem: They had a team of installers who were servicing dozens of buildings and hundreds of apartments a month, in order to measure the current water flow and install flow regulators on the showers and bathroom sinks, identify all the non-efficient toilets for replacement, and quickly create detailed tickets for immediate leak repairs.

Until that point, the entire system was paper-based, and reports often were incomplete or missing. They needed a way to manage their entire process, while ensuring they maintained enough inventory, and creating a baseline flow rate to compare to on follow-up yearly inspections.

We also realized that we were only finding out about leaks upon receiving the bi-monthly water bill, potentially costing clients tens of thousands of dollars in wasted water a month.


I customized Airtable, an off-the-shelf database/spreadsheet SaaS solution, to require installers to follow the installation process. The water conservation company was able to quickly on-board new installers, create baselines for all the apartments, repair leaks, quickly generate reports for their clients about their savings, and maintain high enough stores of inventory at any given time. Additionally, we were able to better manage the speed and efficiency of the installations.

We found an affordable sensor company, and installed sensors on the water meters, and built an intelligent system using Google Sheets, Google Apps Scripts, and the sensor company API, in order to identify potential leaks within days.


With this solution in place, the water conservation company was able to surpass more than 1 billion gallons of water conserved. The time to fix leaks dropped to days instead of weeks.