Four Lattes

Through a cross-analysis of the data, we see that you have 15 daily customers who order 4 or more speciality lattes to go during a very busy time. The average time per order tends to rise immediately after them. Their orders slow all the single coffee orders behind them, causing the regular cadence of the coffee line becomes congested.

Is there anything we can do to streamline the process?

Proposed solution #1:

Allow these customers to place the order with their phone when they come into the store, so the lattes are ready by the time they reach the register. (Or even let them skip the line.) They are happy because they are waiting less, everyone else is happy because the line is going quicker. And you are rewarding them for their repeat business.

Proposed solution #2:

Have a second barista whose job it is is only to work on multiple orders. This means that people who are ordering one drink always get faster coffee than multiple orders. And the multiple order people have an assigned person to take care of them.

Solutions Analysis

Solution #1 has the benefit of both increasing efficiency and customer happiness, but it means that you have to:

  1. develop a technological system for phone ordering & paying,

  2. educate your staff on implementing the system,

  3. convince your target customers to use this system to order their daily drinks.

Solution #2 is easier to implement and with just the use of a single additional employee, but the customer doesn’t see as much of a change. Everything just works smoothly.

Which is a smarter solution? It really depends on you. But we can test either one.