When you need an idea…

A brainstorm session has the directed result of thinking up an idea to solve a specific problem. It could be anything: a new product, a new campaign, a new business venture, a new offering, a new user experience for your website, a new mailing, you name it.

But more than just the idea itself, a brainstorm session also focuses on the path to execution.


“One brainstorming session with Ezra fostered tremendous creativity and debate within our team that had been previously missing. It pushed every individual to express his or her opinion on the direction of the business and product.

His method is to provoke the kind of healthy discussion that any organization needs, but often can’t stimulate for itself with an internal process. It needs an outside perspective to do so, and Ezra helped us by forcing us to question our own assumptions in a new way.”


“Ezra’s magic is not just in facilitating the process by which people generate ideas, but he is also capable of helping them to shape and develop those ideas. Most creativity consultants do one or the other: they have the ideas for you, or they let you have the ideas.

Ezra does both. He takes your raw ideas, spins them up in the air, blows a bit of stardust on them and hands them back to you on a silver platter. And the whole time, he doesn’t take ownership; he gives it straight back to you, with insights into why your ideas work. Just make sure you get a good night’s sleep beforehand…”