Ezra Butler


When asked what I do, I say, “I solve problems.”

In my mind, I have been doing the same thing since I walked into my first client 19 years ago to set up their office network and computers. I wanted the office to run as efficiently as possible, and I spent quite a bit of time setting up a backup server and shared folders that allowed people to easily work together without having to email files back and forth.

Obviously, things have changed quite a bit. We can now easily see our email on our phones! Many modern offices use Dropbox or Box. Networks are more complex and secure than they were ever at that time. Even our calendars are all synced with each other. The tools have evolved, but we still have the same basic need: to have an efficiently running organization.

Over the years, I have become more attuned to designing solutions for the customer experience, the employee experience, the manager experience, and the patient experience. I consider the entire process: from the advertising and marketing through the initial engagement, the sale, the customer support, all the way through the followup.

I believe in data-driven solutions, and modifying things when we realize that they could be running better. At the same time, I’m platform agnostic. I use whatever product will be the best solution.

See how I can help your business today.

Solutions Architecture

For nearly 20 years, Ezra has been working in solutions architecture.

Ezra has been hired to design solutions for clientele as wide ranging as water conservation and renewable energy companies to hospital emergency rooms and doctor’s offices to eyewear boutiques and apparel companies, to name a few.

Starting with a BA in computer science, Ezra was hired to set up networks and computer systems for nonprofits, educational institutions, and law firms, identifying the specific needs of each client and responsible for the implementation. He subsequently became the technical director for a production company, responsible for both the business infrastructure as well as maintaining and running the video and audio laboratories.

His skillset goes beyond the technical. He works to understand your business, bringing in an acute understanding of operations, sales and marketing, and anticipating needs and opportunities you may have not realized.


Intelligent Workplace

Ezra spent more than three years researching workplace stress and developing solutions for intelligently quantifying engagement and strategies for reducing intra- and inter-personal employee management issues.

This research built on an earlier app he developed for smart journaling of state-based disorders for psychologists and their patients.


Creativity Consulting

Ezra has been the creative director at several agencies.

Creativity is more than just a buzzword for Ezra. Over the past 12 years, he has run formal and informal brainstorming sessions on three continents, generated thousands of actionable ideas, and helped workshop ideas to be more functional.

He also spent several years researching and developing new models of understanding creativity, and created the (now-defunct) FourCoconuts site for daily creativity.


Research & Writing

Like many people with a misspent youth, Ezra has also dabbled in academia, when he studied for an MA in History of Comparative Religion, as well as journalism, where he was the US Editor for a European technology journal.

He has ghostwritten and edited many a speech, lecture, article, and keynote.

Additionally, Ezra has done extensive research into creativity, psychology, storytelling, linguistics, menu design and choice architecture, myth, and numerous other fields.